Education is a basic human right.  Around the world 98 million girls are not in school. 24 million children and adolescents are out of school in conflict-affected countries.  The poor are the most likely to be out of school resulting in an ongoing cycle of poverty.  Education must be seen as part of the first response when crisis hits and an integral part of any peace building strategy.  $38 is needed per child for primary education and $113 per adolescent in lower secondary.

Currently we provide public health and vital education to help to prevent the spread of disease.  We provide informal education and mentoring to the displaced and others who have seen an interruption in their education or those who have found themselves outside the formal system.  We focus on girls who haven't had the opportunity to attend school due to their families financial situation where boys education is sometimes prioritised or because girls families have needed help in making ends meet.

Ethnovision provides tools and resources to assist communities to start supporting themselves through livelihoods programs helping them to move towards self reliance.  This work may involve vocational training, support for small businesses, workplace and employment skills.