Ethnovision is a domestic not for profit organization providing humanitarian and long term development support for refugee, displaced and conflict affected communities.

Our Head Office is located in Belgrade, Serbia with satellite offices in Novi Sad, Serbia, Bosnia, both the Federation and Republika Srpska, and Kosovo. All our staff and associates are locally recruited and are themselves refugees, displaced or have been affected by conflict. Everything we do begins with the people we serve. We believe that people living with problems are the best placed to solve them, to know what they need and what will make the greatest difference in their lives. Nothing for us, without us.

Everywhere we work the circumstances vary and given the ethnic tensions throughout the Former Yugoslavia we ensure that our associates are mobilized from within their own communities so that we are able to best manage a sensitive collaboration between the authorities and the local communities. All our work emphasizes codesigning solutions which connect cultural understanding with innovation to develop low cost, high impact initiatives resulting in meaningful change.

Our supply centers and all procurement is facilitated locally to ensure that we contribute to strengthening the local economy and that any goods or medications are registered in the countries in which we work.

When we work outside the Former Yugoslavia we work through local partners, supporting them with organizational capacity building and funding. Their work will always be credited.

Our teams often witness violence, atrocities and neglect. We are careful about the donors and partners we collaborate with to ensure that we are able to bear witness. This means raising awareness in private or in public about what we see happening in front of us without fear that our funding will be removed. This allows us to remain independent.