Our Vision


40.3 million internally displaced people

22.8 million refugees

2.8 million asylum-seekers

It is our mission to work alongside refugee, displaced and war affected communities to ensure they survive, recover, seek reparation and achieve a more positive and sustainable future.

We make sure people can get food, clean water, decent sanitation and healthcare.  We document human rights abuses and support individuals to seek reparation. We provide resources to help build stronger communities which are able to face the future on their own terms.

Alongside ensuring communities have the essentials - we want to see a world of hope.  A world of tolerance, security and social justice.  A world where men and women, boys and girls are empowered to live with dignity. Where both men and women enjoy the full range of human rights and have an effective voice in economic, cultural, civil and political life.  

We develop appropriate processes for improving development outcomes in resource scarce settings due to war and protracted conflict.  Our expertise lies in incorporating the needs and perceptions of intended beneficiaries into policy and programming to ensure that it is contextually relevant culturally and socially and that opportunities to transform individuals and communities are maximised. 

Change happens through people. So we engage local staff from within their own communities, ensuring that their voices are heard and resources are mobilised to enable them to solve their own problems.  “Nothing for us, without us”.

We are committed to measurable change and lasting impact.