Bearing Witness, Advocacy and Reparation

We fight for those who have left everything behind.

By amplifying the voices of refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people worldwide we aim to humanize collateral damage as a result of war, conflict and other forms of oppression.

Responding mostly to chronic situations, we focus on documenting government efforts to block access to asylum, to deprive asylum seekers of rights to fair hearings of their refugee claims, and to the forcible return of people to places where their lives of freedom would be threatened. We use long term, ethnographic methods to speak with uprooted people and to document abuses committed against them in both home and host countries.

Our findings are taken directly to policy-makers and the media as we advocate for governments to improve access to asylum procedures, to stop the forcible return of people, and to ensure that all migrants are treated with dignity and regard for their basic human rights. Without long-term solutions, refugees will remain in desperate situations for decades, living in overcrowded camps and urban areas, unable to rebuild their lives in dignity and peace.