Partnerships That Make a Difference

Ethnovision is a registered foundation in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and has an office in Australia.

Ethnovision's supporters are at the heart of what we do. 100% of your gift contributes directly to our work with conflict affected communities around the world amplifying the voices of marginalized communities and creating social change.

Our teams often witness violence, atrocities and neglect. We are careful about the donors and partners we collaborate with to ensure that we are able to bear witness. This means raising awareness in private or in public about what we see happening in front of us without fear that our funding will be removed. This allows us to remain independent.

Fees generated through our private sector work contribute to supporting the communities whose stories we tell. We do this to be sustainable and reduce our reliance on “charity”.

If you, or someone you know, is the trustee of grant-making body we would welcome the opportunity to discuss our work and how you might become involved please contact